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Get Do-follow Backlinks from PR9, PR8 Websites

We all know that to rank high in search engines we need do-follow backlinks from reputed websites which are having high Google Page Rank. Google consider do-follow backlinks from well reputed high authority websites as points for any website and rank their search results accordingly. If you are facing this problem then you should consider making backlinks from High PageRank websites.

But in most cases, you will be able to get backlinks from maximum PageRank 6 blogs as for blogs, it is the Highest Achievable PageRank. If you are able to get some do-follow backlinks from much high PageRank websites like the sites having PageRank 7,8 and PageRank 9 then certainly, you will rule Google search.

Do-follow Backlinks
Here are some very High PageRank websites and the techniques by which you can get do-follow backlinks from them:

PR9 Do-Follow Backlinks

You might not know the fact that Google+ can provide you do-follow links very easily. As the site is actually Google itself, so creating dofollow backlinks directly from Google to your brand will surely gonna help you a lot. To get dofollow backlink from Google+, follow these steps :
  • Sign In to Google+
  • Edit Your About Us Section.
  • Put Your Website’s name/url here.
  • Save it and you’re done.
2.  is very high reputed website with a PageRank of 9 which is maximum attainable for any website. Step to get free do-follow backlink :
  • Sign Up for Mozilla Account
  • Fill out the details and submit Sign Up form.
  • Click on Verification Link at your email account from Mozilla to activate your account.
  • After activation, login to Mozilla with your credentials and visit your profile page.
  • Put your short bio with your website’s link.
  • And, it’s done.

YouTube is a PR9 website and world’s leading video website with an Alexa rank of 3. To get a PR9 backlinks from YouTube read the below post.

LinkedIn is a PR9 website and at this moment, it stands much more credible than Facebook. On Linkedin, you can create a profile for yourself and also for your business page, and the only way to get the backlinks from it is by sharing your contents from your blog on Linkedin.
  • Sign up for an account,
  • Fill the necessary details and navigate to "share your post" section,
  • Drop your link here,
  • You are done.
The latest PR update by Google gave a PR9 status.  Follow the guidelines to get your desired PR9 dofollow backlinks:
  • Register on the support forum on wordpress,
  • Edit your profile and insert your website URL.
Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media site. Pinterest is a PR9 website, and has a global Alexa rank of 27. To get a PR9 backlinks from Pinterest read the below post.

PR8 Do-Follow backlinks

Ted.con is a PR8 website with innovative videos, research etc. The website can give you do-follow backlink.
  • Sign up for Ted account,
  • After activating, Click profile >> Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and you will find place to insert website link with Keyword (Name of Site).
  • Just Add your websites and blogs.
  • You are done.
Quite a number of people do not know about getting links from Amazon. To get started, follow the below guidelines:
  • Go to amazon and sign up for a free account,
  • Now edit your profile and insert your website address,
  • You are done.
Reddit is a PR8 social bookmarking website. Reddit does not make use of a redirect before it links to your post, it links directly to your posts and the links are purely dofollow.
  • Create a reddit profile,
  • Click on ‘submit a new link’,
  • Place your post title and URL then click submit
  • You are done.
I compiled this list after using these all and if you are aware about more websites with high page rank, just let me know via comments.

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