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INSTAGRAM: Social Media for Your Business

I know many readers here are crazily obsessing over the latest updates to the Google algorithm, the current trending hashtag and the best converting keywords. Let’s take a step back for a moment and forget about Google. Pretend search engines don’t exist.

How would you get people to your site?

Instagram for Business
I can hear you already. Social media, right? Congratulations, you are partially correct.
The big boys of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are commonly known, but can those sites send you 300 highly targeted people per day?

We both know that doesn’t happen for the majority of big brands online. Yet there are people getting those 300 per day that you aren’t.

Have I piqued your curiosity yet? 

Good. Because today I’m going to let you in on a way to get those 300 people per day in an honest way so you can get their bank.

If you haven’t heard of Instagram by now, please destroy whatever device you are reading this on, since nothing further in this article will be of any use to you.

The Instagram platform offers so many niche followers and support that I honestly struggled with if I wanted to share this enormous opportunity that many “Internet Marketers” are ignoring. It’s that powerful.

Now, you don’t get this overnight. There is a process, and I’m willing to share most of it with all of you fantastic readers. (I know you are smart and can fill in the blanks that I leave out.
  • STEP ONE: Get an account at Instagram
  • STEP TWO: Complete the profile for your brand/yourself/product/service
  • STEP THREE: Start to follow people from the following countries: US, UK, CA and AU
  • STEP FOUR: (Black hat only) Buy Followers (keep the ratio under 30 percent of all your followers)
  • STEP FIVE: Follow more people in the niche that you are looking to sell to
  • STEP SIX: Post anywhere from three-to-seven pictures per day
You need at least 50k followers to get the 300 or so people per day to your offerings.

Content that excels on Instagram
Promotion of real bands, apps and pop culture-related items. Keep in mind that this particular audience lives and dies on mobile devices. Your offer has to be something they can take action with on those devices.

That’s it for now, dear reader. There are plenty of other ways to drive relevant traffic to your site. I’m just a click away if you need more ideas to grow your business.

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