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200+ High PR .Edu and .Gov Sites to Get Backlinks 2015

Top .gov & .edu website by registering where you can get backlinks easily.So grab these backlinsk and see the magic how  your website ranks on Google with these high PR boosting .gov and .edu backlinks.

A high quality backlinks worth thousands low quality backlinks, especially the one coming from edu and .gov sites. Google loves backlinks from .edu & .gov sites and thus give your site good ranking in SERPs. An edu & .’gov backlinks is associated with an educational institute & government organization therefore considered as most authentic and valued backlink in term of SEO because they are from non-profit source give quality information, not a spam one and since exists for long time in the field, have high PageRank too.

So to get these high PR dofollow .edu & .gov backlinks from high authority sites, here is a huge list of .edu & .gov backlinks to get really quality backlink from and improve your site ranking.

Why .edu BackLinks are important for rankings?

.EDU Backlinks are incoming links to a blog or website ) sites or blog that which have great power to increase your ranking in Google and alexa. Backlinks from other then .edu site have also power but the power of .edu site will break all simple site and boost your ranking. Usually, edu sites are colleges or universities and they only link to valid resources and Google trust them ,so if you get back links from this site that’s mean your site is doing good. But dont spam there. Spamming will lead you to ban on .edu sites.

Why .gov BackLinks are important for rankings?

.Gov backlinks are  the backlinks  coming from government organization & institutes, . they have high authority in eyes of  Google. So by having backlinks from .gov sites you can boost your rankings for  sure. If you get backlinks  from .gov site it will help you in lot  in SEO. But dont spam there. Spamming will lead you to ban on .gov  sites.

How To Find .EDU & .Gov Sites For BackLinks?

There is a nice tricky way that you can find a edu sites by searching in Google with these terms. Just copy the below lines and paste it in Google Search Engine, Then start opening from No-1 and start building backlinks to get higher ranking.  I am sure this trick will work for you. Same way you find  .gov sites. This will surely boost your rankings in Google SERPs. “blog” “forums” “comments” “log in / create account” inurl:blog “seo”

DropMyLink let you search various sites for your desired keywords and other metrics like KeywordLuv, Hubpages, directories and much more. As you can see in the pic given above that all you have to do is to enter the keyword and the type of sites you want to search and it will provide you the list of websites with desired keywords.

Now, you can easily select the .edu, .gov, KeywordLuv blogs etc. to get thousands of backlinks easily for your blog. Dropmylink is a awesome  resource to find these high quality backlinks. Remember it backlinks are backbone for rankings in Google. So  roar the rankings with these links. Beat your competitor.


List of High PR Dofollow .Gov and .Edu Backlinks

As we provided some .edu sites/blogs links above, do you have any other sites to share with us which gives high authority  links  please do share in comments below. If any site/blog PR is now changes or link is down than just inform us to update this article. Now start using these sites to get backlinks to your site to boost your PR in the next update with some quality backlinks.

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