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Blogger vs Wordpress - Which One is Best and Right Platform for Blogging

Which One is Best and Right Platform for Blogging
Which is better between Blogger and WordPress? Yes indeed it is the one question that most often appear on the forum bloggers and become a debate that never get results.The question put different answers in different blogs. Determining the right platform and commitment to it is very important for bloggers who really want to pursue the world of blogging. Because later you will find it difficult if you want to change the blog platform  when you eventually change your mind. So for that, here I will discuss the little I know about the two major platforms Google blogger and WordPress blog.

1. Blogger

Blogger is a free blog service provided by Google.Many websites are hosted by blogger, because it will attract people who do not want to spend the money in building a blog. Blogger is also very easy to use for novice bloggers, but also never limit the creativity of the professional bloggers.

  • One of the most interesting features of the blogspot is you will get a free hosting service.
  • You do not have to worry about the data that is on your blog. However, there are restrictions on your blog template customization. You also can choose templates according to your wishes which are  already supplied by bloggers or other parties.
  • If you fear you will think about the complexity that you face while using blogspot, then you should forget it. Because blogspot is a blog platform that is easy for beginners. Then upload feature is also supported with images and videos.
The most important thing when you want to choose WordPress platform, you should know there are two versions of and Both are very different, even different with bloggers. Well, here I mean  WordPress is

  • Added value when compared with the WordPress, blogger is providing hosting services on server 3 GB. The contents of the blog you will be saved on your blog or web host server that has been recommended by WordPress.
  • Not difficult to upload video files, images and other files. However, if you choose to use your own hosting server, then you should have the ability to configure and manage.
  • You can choose the template according to your wishes can even change it as you wish. But on WordPress template options are limited.

Which one is better?

1. Cost considerations
Both accounts on BlogSpot and are free. However, if you want to add extra features or to customize your website, then slightly more expensive than Bloggers.For video, you have to pay if you use On the other hand, it is a built-in option in the case of Also if you want to add more storage you have to buy the hosting packages as per their hosting pakages.Also you can not upload audio files and music without space upgrade.

2. Flexibility
When it comes to versatility, is much more flexible than BlogSpot. offers full access to its database along with CSS, PHP and image files. On the other hand, you can be creative with BlogSpot as you want, because it gives you full access to the entire system. When it comes to accounts, is not as flexible as other blogging platforms.One of the biggest reasons that make WordPress a more desirable is that it offers you the opportunity to host files other than just photos like PowerPoint files, Word files, PDF files, etc.

3. Security and Updates
BlogSpot is much safer than WordPress. In fact, WordPress has been known to feature a vulnerability when it comes to hacking. If you use WordPress, you have to be very careful about the maintenance of your website. You have to follow the latest updates on this blogging platform. On the other hand, when using BlogSpot, all content is stored on the server which is owned by a internet giant google. Therefore, hacking is impossible in this case.

4. Perfect for beginners
If you are a beginner, it is important for you to choose the right blogging platform. BlogSpot is the simplest blogging platform for beginners. All you have to do is to create an account or in other words, signing up for this service. The second step will be choosing the template of your choice and get started right away! WordPress little tricky compared to this option.You have to buy some upgraded hosting packages in order to make the website more traffic friendly.Also to customize the look of the site,the free does not provide much solution. Therefore, it is better for you to choose BlogSpot if you are a beginner category and do not have enough funds to run your website.

Hopefully you can now see the main difference between Blogger and WordPress, and you can choose your best platform and start blogging. Blogging can be a pleasant experience, but it's just going to be a troublesome thing if you choose the wrong platform. So, save yourself from the trouble and pick the right one for you!

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